Seeds of Fortune: A Spell for Fertility and Growth

Seeds of Fortune: A Spell for Fertility and Growth

Whether you’re hoping to expand your family, grow your business, or cultivate a new skill, the Seeds of Fortune spell focuses on nurturing potential and encouraging prosperous growth in all areas of life. This spell is particularly effective when you want to sow the seeds of long-term success and abundance.


  • Green candle (symbolizing growth and prosperity)
  • A small pot of soil (representing fertility and the foundation for growth)
  • Seeds of a plant known for its prosperity attributes (such as basil, mint, or sunflower)
  • A piece of jade or aventurine (stones of luck and growth)
  • Water in a small pitcher (to nourish and activate potential)
  • Optional: Nutrient-rich compost or fertilizer (to enrich the soil)


  1. Prepare Your Space: Choose a calm and quiet area where you can perform the spell without interruptions. This could be near a window or in a garden where your plant will eventually live.
  2. Candle Preparation: Place the green candle in a safe holder and position it near your pot of soil. As you place the candle, set your intention for growth and abundance in the specific area of your life that needs nurturing.
  3. Planting the Seeds: Take the seeds you have chosen and hold them in your hand. Close your eyes and visualize your intentions sprouting from these seeds, growing strong and vibrant. When ready, plant the seeds in the soil, imagining each seed as a future success.
  4. Add the Stone: Place the jade or aventurine on the surface of the soil as a symbol of enhanced growth and increased fortune. The stone will serve as a continuous source of energy for your intentions.
  5. Light the Candle: As you light the candle, imagine its flame igniting the life force within the seeds, sparking growth and prosperity. Keep your focus on this image of burgeoning potential.
  6. Water the Seeds: Slowly pour water over the soil, ensuring not to flood it, while visualizing your intentions being watered and nurtured. The water is a vital element that activates the seeds’ potential to sprout and grow.
  7. Meditation and Visualization: While the candle burns (safely), sit quietly and meditate on your desires manifesting. See them as plants reaching maturity, bearing fruits that symbolize your achievements.
  8. Closing the Ritual: Allow the candle to burn down safely. If you need to extinguish it, do so with gratitude for its energy. Keep the pot in a place where you can watch your plant grow, reminding you daily of your intentions.
  9. Care for Your Plant: As your plant grows, care for it as you would your own project or desire. Regularly water it, ensure it has enough sunlight, and occasionally add compost or fertilizer to promote healthy growth.
  10. Repeat for Enhanced Effect: You can repeat this spell with new seeds or projects as needed, whenever you start something new that requires nurturing and prosperity.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep a journal to note any changes or growth in your life corresponding with the growth of your plant.
  • Celebrate each stage of your plant’s growth with a small ritual of gratitude, reinforcing your connection to your intentions.

This spell not only fosters the conditions necessary for growth but also serves as a tangible reminder of your commitment to nurturing your goals and dreams.

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