Reflections of Truth: A Spell for Honesty and Clarity

Reflections of Truth: A Spell for Honesty and Clarity

In situations where truth seems obscured or honesty is needed to clear the air, the Reflections of Truth spell can help bring clarity and sincerity to the forefront. This spell is particularly useful when dealing with difficult conversations, seeking honesty in relationships, or when you need to be truthful with yourself.


  • A blue candle (symbolizing truth and clarity)
  • A small handheld mirror (to reflect and reveal truths)
  • Clear quartz (to amplify intentions and clarity)
  • Sage or frankincense incense (for purification and to clear negativity)
  • A piece of paper and a pen (to write down your intentions or questions seeking truth)


  1. Prepare Your Space: Find a quiet place where you feel secure and can focus without interruptions. Cleanse the space by burning sage or frankincense to remove any negative energies and to create a purified environment.
  2. Candle Preparation: Place the blue candle in a safe holder and position it in front of the mirror so the flame is reflected in the glass. Anoint the candle with a few drops of essential oil if desired, focusing on your need for clarity and truth.
  3. Set Your Intention: Light the blue candle, watching as its reflection doubles in the mirror. As the candle burns, let it symbolize the light of truth illuminating all that is hidden or unclear.
  4. Crystal and Mirror Placement: Hold the clear quartz crystal over the flame briefly (taking care not to get too close), then place it before the mirror. The crystal acts as an enhancer for your intentions, magnifying the energy directed towards truth.
  5. Writing Your Truths: On the piece of paper, write down the areas in your life where you seek truth or clarity. Be specific. Fold the paper and hold it between your hands for a moment, channeling your desire for honesty into the words.
  6. Incantation and Focus: Recite an incantation that affirms your intention, such as, “Mirror of reflection, bring to light, all that is hidden, all that is right. Through this flame, truth will appear, clarity shown, loud and clear.”
  7. Reflect and Meditate: Place the paper under the candle. Spend a few minutes gazing into the mirror, allowing your own gaze to meet your reflection’s. Contemplate your intentions and watch for the truth to be reflected back to you in your thoughts or feelings.
  8. Concluding the Spell: Allow the candle to burn down safely or snuff it out when you feel your spell has been fully cast. Keep the mirror and crystal on your altar or in a special place where they can continue to serve as tools for truth.
  9. Reflect on the Outcomes: Over the next days, be aware of truths emerging in your life, whether they are revelations from others or insights from within. Use the clarity gained to make informed decisions.
  10. Repeat if Necessary: This spell can be performed whenever new situations arise where truth and clarity are needed, reinforcing your commitment to honesty.

Additional Tips:

  • Regularly cleanse your mirror and crystal to maintain their effectiveness as conduits for truth.
  • Journal about the truths and insights that come to you after performing this spell to track your spiritual and personal growth.

The Reflections of Truth spell serves as a powerful reminder of the clarity that honesty can bring to your life, enhancing communication and personal integrity.

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